**Submission closes at 5pm on Friday 31st March 2017**

The application is currently available. The application can be accessed on the ENGINE website (http://engineghana.org/download.php), at TechnoServe's Accra office, and at partner institutions to be advertised. 


The Application and Baseline Survey Form requires information about the entrepreneur, the enterprise/business, sources of information, expenditure and revenue (if applicable), employees (if applicable), and other demographic and business information.


The Participation Agreement and Certification on the last page of the form must be read and signed and should be submitted together with the application form.


Completed forms should be mailed or couriered to:

The ENGINE Programme

TechnoServe Ghana

No. 77 Osu Badu Street, Airport West

P.O. Box 135, Accra - GHANA.


Or hand delivered to the TechnoServe Accra Office at:

No. 77 Osu Badu Street

Airport West

Accra - GHANA.


In these cases the application must arrive by the application period deadline along with the signed participation agreement.


The forms may also be sent to info@engineghana.org using TechnoServe ENGINE Application as the subject.

Applicants in Kumasi may submit applications to ADVANCE/ENGINE office at Adum Presby on top of the Bank of Africa building.

Applicants in Tamale may submit applications to ENGINE office in Tunaayili

Applicants in Bolgatanga may submit applications to TechnoServe Office in Bolgatanga, located within the SSNIT Building.

Applicants in Wa may also submit applications to ADVANCE Office in Wa, opposite the Nuoyong Empire Hotel.


Submissions will close at 5:00 p.m. on Friday 31st March 2017. Submissions made by this deadline to regional partner offices will be couriered to Accra within three business days of the deadline. Incomplete or late applications will not be accepted.


All participants must follow the established rules of the competition set forth in the Applicant Guide and on the ENGINE website.


Applicants may contact the TechnoServe Accra office to verify if their applications have been received.